Malik Abdul Wahab

hosted at IST, Portugal

Research Focus:

The focus of project was to develop miniaturized platform for bio product purification. A microfluidic platform was designed and fabricated where cell culture, lysis and purification were done on single chip.

What new skill/skills did you learn?

Coming from mechanical engineering background I had little to no knowledge of cell culture and lysis. I gained expertise in working with cells and proteins.

What did you enjoy most about your project?

The opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field.

What do you believe is your biggest contribution to the scientific community?

Design and fabrication of integrated microfluidic device for continuous cell culture and protein concentration which can serve as building block to integrated further process.

What would your advice be for future Early-Stage Researchers at the start of their project?

Don’t be afraid of challenges and try thinking out of the box solutions.

What do you plan next?

I am planning to work on biotech industry.
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