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Video demonstration

Microfluidic Chip device for fast at-line PAT for high-molecular-weight species. Provided by Mariana Neves São Pedro from TU Delft.

Video demonstration

Integrated continuous downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies. Provided by Madelène Isaksson from Lund University.

CODOBIO Expert Interviews

The ICB V conference was also used to talk to experts and pioneers from global biopharmaceutical companies active in the field of continuous downstream processing about their view on the contribution of well-trained young scientists to the advancement of the field. You can watch here the interviews that CODOBIO coordinator Alois Jungbauer held with three leading experts: Kevin Brower (Sanofi), Chetan Goudar (Amgen) and Konstantin Konstantinov (Codiak Biosciences). A longer version also contains their views on continuous bioprocessing in general.

European Researchers Night 2020

Ignacio Monte-Serrano works in the MSCA-ITN project Codobio! He tells us about his work as a PhD student.

Blog Articles

Some CODOBIO fellows have presented their work in blog articles on the science blog hosted by acib

L. Ronin, Politecnico di Milano Continuous downstream production of polyhydroxyalkanoates, a family of biodegradable plastics

M. Isaksson, Lund University “Smart-factories” for continuous downstream processing of antibodies
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