Lisa-Marie Herlevi

Host beneficiary: Jacobs University Bremen
My research project focused on development of novel platform for continuous protein purification by fluidized or expanded bed technology that allows application of unclarified feed without clogging the bed, achieving simultaneous clarification and capture. The technology referred as fluidized bed riser adsorption system (FBRAS) was designed to increase the capacity for treatment of fermentation broth and recover the target protein without leading to product dilution, in a truly continuous manner. The FBRAS development was divided into adsorption stage where high throughput operation was established by studying solid-liquid fluidization by taking advantage of particle collision, previously not reported, and into subsequent stages (wash, elution, equilibration) where novel equipment design was established to reduce the mechanical stress for the continuously moving adsorbent particles. This work resulted in finding solutions for truly continuous protein purification that led to significantly higher throughput and recovered protein concentration in comparison to the previous work. The FBRAS validation demonstrated increased productivity and decreased number of unit operations in comparison to the existing purification scheme. Overall, this work enhanced the technology attractiveness for expanded bed adsorption carried out in a truly continuous mode offering a simplified process design in comparison to existing cyclic column chromatography systems and providing further improvements for the purification of biologics.

Short description of project:

Development of continuous platform for protein purification from unclarified feed with expanded bed adsorption technology, and investigation of novel resin materials suitable for the novel technology.

What new skill/skills did you learn?

I learned methods for protein purification and how to independently establish protocols for new experiments. I learned how to present my research results in a more comprehensive manner by focusing on the essential results.

What did you enjoy most about your project?

I enjoyed meeting other doctoral students from different backgrounds and getting an opportunity to work in a commercial laboratory outside of academia.

What do you believe is your biggest contribution to the scientific community?

Advancing the concept of truly moving bed for continuous protein purification by establishing a novel equipment design.

What would your advice be for future Early-Stage Researchers at the start of their project?

Be creative when looking for solutions and don’t restrict yourself only to literature from the specific field.

What do you plan next?

I am planning to participate in a project funded by FNR to continue the work initiated in CODOBIO.
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