Yijia Guo

hosted at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
Now I am a PhD student of Prof. Dr. Hector Marcelo Fernandez Lahore at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany working on the development of novel fiber adsorbents and their implementation into moving adsorption belt systems for continuous bioproduct recovery or into disposable cartridge systems for disposable chromatography, starting from Sep 2019. I worked at Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Dr. Petr Cigler science group as a research assistant from Sep 2018 to Aug 2019 in Czech Republic. My work was about using polymer-coated nanodiamond as nucleation cores for growth of α synuclein (involved in Parkinson’s disease) under model conditions and in living cells. I worked at Wuhan Institute of Biological Products as a downstream research technician from Jul 2016 to Jul 2018 in China working on enterovirus including coxsackie virus A16 (CVA16) and enterovirus 71 (both involved in hand-foot-mouth disease). The project I participated in was to deliver an inactivated bivalent vaccine to against these two enteroviruses in pilot scale. My part of job is purification of CVA16 and related document writing for clinical trial applications. I worked at Peking University in Lu research group as a research assistant from Mar 2016 to May 2016 in China. My work focused on expression and purification of recombinant interferon α to develop long-acting-form of it via native chemical ligation. I obtained my Master in Biochemical Engineering with merit in University of Birmingham in the UK from Sep 2014 to Dec 2015. My thesis was about immobilization of recombinant E. coli biofilms for biocatalysis including two parts: growth experiment (obtain the optimum E. coli growth conditions inside biofilms) and biofilms development (develop 7-day biofilms to observe their ultrastructure), working with Dr. Tim Overton. I obtained my Bachelor in Light Chemical Engineering in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology in China with GPA 81.12 from Sep 2010 to Jul 2014. Won the third prize of outstanding academic scholarship twice at the first and third year. My thesis was about feasibility study for the design of a pulping workshop producing poplar P-RC APMP pulp with a capital of 300 ton per day, working with Dr. Fei Du.

Short description of project:

A continuous protein recovery and purification system based on the true moving bed concept and a novel adsorbent material, in the form of an elastic and robust woven fabric, served as a moving belt following the general designs observed in known belts conveyors.

What new skill/skills did you learn?

Experimental planning for a/more aim(s)/objective(s), presentation with more confidence, scientific writing/communication, project management, and time management

What did you enjoy most about your project?

To create a prototype from scratch without knowing how it would be.

What do you believe is your biggest contribution to the scientific community?

To create a continuous protein recovery and purification system

What would your advice be for future Early-Stage Researchers at the start of their project?

Be creative or even bold when look for a solution, do not restrict yourself to the previous literatures. And success is usually the outcome of a whole string of failures.

What do you plan next?

To work as a mechanistic modeling specialist at Cytiva
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