Finally an in-person CODOBIO consortium meeting could be held again. The meeting on April 25 and 26, 2022 at Politecnico di Milano was combined with a presentation training for the fellows.

As some of the ESRs will soon finish their time in the project this was the last meeting with almost all of them and most of their supervisors together.

25. April 2022


Most of the CODOBIO fellows successfully participated in the ISPPP conference held from Nov. 7 – 10, 2021 in Porto, Portugal. This conference was the first opportunity for the CODOBIO ESRs to participate in a scientific face-to-face event after so many months of virtual conferences. Amin, Narges, Mariana and Carme were selected for oral presentations, Lisa-Marie, Yijia, Tiago, Ignacio and Touraj presented their work in short flash presentations and Alexander brought a poster to ISPPP.
Congratulations to Tiago for receiving a Flash presentation award and to Amin Javidanbardan for receiving a travel grant at ISPPP 2021.

Following the conference the CODOBIO consortium meeting was held as a hybrid meeting with most of the attendees present in Porto. There the latest results of all ESRs were discussed in more detail.

16. November 2021

CODOBIO @ LiS 2021

Both ESRs from Politecnico di Milano actively contributed to the 2021 edition of the event “Life is Science!” held in the frame of the European Researchers’ Night at acib.
Loïc shared a video showing a short presentation of his background and his current research activities on the continuous production processes of polyhydroxyalkanoates within the Codobio project.
João participated in the career talk giving young people an insight into his education and the CODOBIO project in the Virtual Talk Café.

More Information

28. September 2021

10th Annual Conference of the Italian LCA Network

Loïc from Politecnico di Milano participated in the 10th Annual Conference of the Italian LCA Network in Reggio Calabria, Italy held Sept 22 – 24, 2021.

He presented an overview of the application of life cycle assessment (LCA) methods to the bioproduction processes of a family of biodegradable plastics called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). More and more studies show the growing environmental and economic interest in producing these biopolymers in biorefineries using renewable feedstocks, a mixed culture and a well-developed extraction process. While many LCA studies have focused on the environmental and economic impact of PHA production, an effort should be made to analyse the social impact of this production and consumption. This is especially true in the context of Industry 4.0/5.0, where two of the pillars are environmental performance and a human-centred approach for the researcher, producer and consumer.

Many thanks to the organisation of the conference, to the host university Università degli Studi di Reggio Calabria ‘Mediterranea’ and to Loïc’s co-author, Professor Giovanni Dotelli.

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28. September 2021

CODOBIO fellows were successful at VIJI award

We are happy to announce that two CODOBIO fellows were successful in the INTERNATIONAL BIOSEPARATION CONTEST FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS which was held in the frame of the 15th International Symposium on Biochromatography and Nanoseparations (17. – 20.05.2021).

Lisa-Marie Herlevi from Jacobs University Bremen received the Platine Viji Award 2021 (1. prize) for her presentation “Adsorption Technologies for Continuous Recovery and Purification of Bioproducts and Development of Continuous Prototype”.

Amin Javidanbardan from Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon received the Silver Viji Award 2021 (3. prize) for his presentation “Microfluidic chromatographic column integrated with impedance microsensor as a simple, cost-effective tool for downstream process development and process analytical technology”.

Lisa-Marie and Amin got their prizes for the quality of their oral presentations.
Congratulations to the awardees!

8. June 2021

CODOBIO @ Virtual ESBES Symposium

CODOBIO fellows were very actively contributing to the Virtual ESBES Symposium 2021 taking place on May 4 and 5, 2021.
Abstracts of 4 ESRs were selected for oral presentations, and 3 abstracts were presented as posters. Thanks to Mariana, Catarina, Ignacio, Yijia, Narges, Tiago and Madelène for their great talks and posters.
The ESBES Symposium is organised under the umbrella of the ESBES (European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences) and is the constant meeting place for bioprocess engineers from both academia and industry in Europe and beyond. Through the high number of contributions by the ESRs the CODOBIO project could be made visible to a larger audience.

More about ESBES 2021

13. May 2021

European Researchers Night 2020

acib organised the virtual event „Life is Science“ in the frame of the European Researchers Night. CODOBIO-ESRs Narges and Ignacio contributed to the programme by presenting themselves and their career path. Their videos show how EU funding fosters mobility and enables young persons to go abroad for a career in research. They also give insight into their work within CODOBIO.

3. December 2020
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